Choosing A Wedding Band

The pinky finger is a lot shorter compared to the middle finger and thinner than the rest.It embodies a strong bond and unconcealed sexuality. Like the thumb finger,the pinky finger is somewhat distanced from the other fingers which make it stand out despite its size.You remember doing the pinky swear with your childhood friend don’t you? The tiny finger exemplifies reasoning and belief linked to Mercury.It is not just the women who stress about planning the perfect wedding. A groom-to-be would also want to look ravishing and captivating in front of their future wife. It is just a matter of preference anyway. Either its beauty over durability or affordability over quality? It is also manifested when men select their wedding bands. Weighing the pros and cons of every option is tough just like married life. Below is a list of the most common ring metals to symbolize and seal the lifelong journey of love.


The most typical choice would be a silver ring. It’s not hard to source and a lot cheaper to purchase.The shine easily wears off and can cause itcharound the finger.It’s better for an engagement ring or promise ring. As long as you take it off once in a while, it should go on longer.


In general, platinum is an excellent and classic metal for wedding bands.It is subtle and low-key but is still extremely durable. It is said to be the rarest of the treasurable metals and it is the whitest. Rhodium plating is not needed to maintain its white glow.It doesn’t easily tarnish and is hypoallergenic. Scrutinize jewellery shops.

White Gold

It is part of the platinum family because of its similar white shine.However, it is less costly because of the rhodium plating.After your 10th wedding anniversary, signs of corrosion may show.This metal is an alloy of yellow gold so you could make out a double-toned shimmer. White gold as a choice of wedding band material can also not be plated with rhodium.


At once glance or twice, you can mistake a palladium ring for a platinum ring.You can’t fully blame yourself for they are family members.The catch is you get to save some bucks because it’s one-third of platinum price.What is a distinctive feature includes a polished metal shine.It also has a consistent shine so don’t weary too much about showering with a palladium ring.

Yellow Gold

It is considered as the most conventional wedding band material among all.It history draws way back early civilization. It is timeless and lives up to the meaning of eternity rings Adelaide. It has proven its value in religious and cultural rituals because of its prized nature and paucity.Compared to the cool-toned platinum and stainless steel, it displays a warm sheen.