Fun Outdoor Activities For All Ages:

Light source- Bring a rechargeable lamp that you can use for a couple of days and make sure you have matches and lighter that is essential in building a fire. Each camper should have a flashlight in case of emergencies.

Almost everyone is looking forward to spend their day outdoors after the long cold winter season. We surely want to do things that every family member would enjoy and actively participate. These are some suggestions that you could try out with the rest of the family members that will make your experience unforgettable and fun.

Long walks or hikes- Gather all family members and take long walks or hike together in a park. You can even bring some snacks that you can share with each other. Walking is a great low impact exercise that can be enjoyed by all the members of the family. It is a good bonding activity where everyone can share stories of of how their day went. Walking is a very good option in terms of providing quality time with your family. Remember to dress appropriately for the activity and the weather. Check out for sun protective clothing for sale at your local mall or sports outlet for more recommendations. You should also wear good quality hiking shoes to avoid blisters and discomforts caused by long walks.

Beach volleyball and other beach activities- Almost everybody is excited to hit the beach and beat the summer heat. One good way to bond with the whole family is to play volleyball. You can organize the game such as girls vs. boys or however you guys prefer do play the game. Apply sunscreen from time to time to prevent sunburns and hydrate yourselves. Bring snacks and refreshments that you can share with each other. If you and your family decide to stay on the beach for a couple of days you can also check out other activities such as diving, snorkelling, riding the banana boat, jet ski or even island hopping. Some beaches have boat rentals allowing you to go on fishing for a couple of hours. Just make sure to wear appropriate fishing clothes Australia for the said activity. You can even set up tents on the shoreline and spend the night bonding together.

Camping- This is among of the best open-air activities that you can do with your family. Spending a weekend trip with your family and friends is a very good way to communicate and reconnect with each other. This is a very good way to introduce your kids to the outdoors. You can do a lot of group , activities such as setting up the tent together, cooking, setting up a bonfire while roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in which the kids would surely love.

Biking- Schedule one afternoon for everyone to gather and bike around the neighborhood. Biking is a very good form of cardiovascular exercise as well. When you plan on biking long distance bring water to hydrate yourselves from time to time. Wear the right protective biking gears such as helmets, knee and elbow pads for safety reasons.