Steps For A Closet Makeover

Is the pile of clothes falling onto you once you open the door? Do you have all old fashioned clothes? Are you getting ready for a new job or new season? Whatever the reason, a closet makeover is essential. Through such a makeover, you can organize it the way you like so that you are fully ready to take on a new chapter in life. It’s not always about buying new clothes and shoes. It’s about adding a few more items so that you can make better use of what you already have. So here are some easy steps to follow to give your closet a complete makeover.

Clear the clutter

First of all, you need to take out all the unnecessary clutter. There is no use organizing a closet full of clothes that you can’t or don’t like to wear. So, pull everything out and separate the ones you will wear and leave the rest. Letting go of your clothes can actually be hard. Keeping your favourite Ritemate Pilbara pant is no use if you can’t wear it. So, ask yourself a few questions. Does it fit me? Does it fit my lifestyle? Is it damaged? Etc. Answering such questions will make it much easier to let go.

Separate by season

The whole of this is to limit the area of usage of your closet. For example, if it is summer, your boots and sweaters will go to the far back and out of sight while the sundresses, shorts and t-shirts will stay right in front so you only have to search through there to find the outfit you want. The rest of the area will be for long term storage of clothes you don’t use, such as the winter clothes.

Clean the closet

Before you put your clothes back in, you need to ensure the closet is clean. The last thing you need is for your new RM Williams boots to get dirty while in the closet. Repaint the closet walls, vacuum the floor and shelves, fix a broken hinge and make it as good as new. You can also add wallpaper to one wall to make it prettier. Some other decorations can be a scarf on the doorknob, mirrors inside etc. Also, don’t forget to add some cedar blocks to keep the moths away and give a pleasant smell to your clothes.

OrganizeNow that your closet is ready to be packed, don’t just stack the clothes in. Organize them into separate groups. Keep the pants, skirts, blouses, dresses etc. in separate groups so that it is easier to find. Then, you can colour code each set so that your closet looks pretty and tidy.