Things To Keep In Mind Before Piercing

Before getting a piercing done one needs to ask themselves why he/she wants to get it done. There could be various reasons such as some want it because one of their friend has it, or they think it would look good on them and the list goes on. They also need to consider how bad they want it? Sometimes people want to pierce but are not willing to tolerate a bit of pain which comes with it. If one has made up their mind of getting it done, here are some things he/she needs to keep in mind:

Decide the place

Piercing has become a trend. People pierce in various body parts such as eyebrow, tongue, nose, ears, and belly button. With this growing trend, number of places that do piercing has also increased such as certain hospitals, salons, some jewellery stores Brisbane or a reputable piercing specialist. 

Decide where they want to pierce

Unless one is a superwoman or man they cannot do multiple piercings all at once. They need to take it slow and do one or maximum two body parts at the same time. Some people like having three piercings in one ear so they could first do 2 and if it heals they could go for the third one. Other piercings such as belly button could be very painful, so one needs to make up their mind on how bad they want it and if it is worth the pain. It’s important to do their research before deciding on getting it done and be prepared for all the pain that will come their way. Go here  for more information about engagement rings. 

Get the rate fixed

Getting the cost sorted is very important. Different places have different charges. A piercing specialist might charge extra compared to a salon. Certain jewellers don’t charge for the piercing if the person has bought earrings from their store. Some people don’t mind paying extra when it comes to piercing as it’s going to be with them for life long.

Turn it up

This is natural no matter how many times people tell not to touch a freshly pierced body part it’s hard not to. Although it’s very painful it’s important to turn it up every once in a while. To reduce the swelling one could even lather up some ice. However, certain specialists do not recommend this and suggest not to wet the part for at least 3 days. So before lathering the ice it is important to get the expert’s advice.

Sleep carefully

If one doesn’t sleep in the right position he/she would wake up with pool of blood. For example if they have got ear piercing done they would only be able to sleep with face up or chest down with no body movements and if their ears are sensitive they might have trouble sleeping the whole night because of the pain.Although piercing comes with pain, it’s just temporary. So a week of pain is nothing compared to having the piercing all your life, nothing worth having comes easy so it’s okay to go through some pain once in a while!